Why Palm Tree Cutting and Trimming is a Dangerous Job

The palm tree that stands right in front of your house is the most treasured and valued outdoor feature you have on your yard. You put it there in the hope of giving your outdoor space that much needed aesthetic improvement and upgrades in curb appeal. However, you do have to realise that a palm tree cannot take care of itself. While it continues to grow just like any other plant or tree, you must perform necessary maintenance chores to keep it healthy and ensure it looks great all year long. Well, part of that responsibility is cutting and trimming the fronds.

The problem with palm tree cutting and trimming is that it is a job that comes with the risk of injury, damage to property, or even fatality. If you do not have the right equipment, safety gear, and knowledge on how to do it right, then you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. There are countless instances of property owners getting injured after falling from the ladder or causing damage to their property by taking a do-it-yourself approach to cutting and trimming the palm tree. To prevent the same fate, you instead must hire the pros in palm tree cutting Cairns.

One of the mistakes that beginners or inexperienced property owners usually make when pruning trees is cutting the fronds from below. Doing the right thing means you start from above. The reason is that if you cut from below, loose fronds eventually will pile up inside the tree instead of falling. Once the tree or any part of it no longer can carry the weight of the loose fronds, it leads to their collapse, which in turn might trap you inside and result to suffocation or any other injury.

Keep in mind that while fronds look harmless, the truth is they can weight hundreds of kilos, which in turn is enough to cause severe injury or even death. If not, they might wreak a car or destroy a fence. It is why hiring professional palm tree cutting Cairns deserves serious consideration. Experts make a living out of ensuring that every palm tree cutting and trimming project they handle corresponds to success and minus injuries and damage to property. The pros use equipment and tools that you do not have. More importantly, they know how to use them.

Be careful when you search for contractors to hire to maintain your palm tree though since there is no guarantee that everyone advertising their services out there have the license to operate a tree cutting and trimming service. It would help if you only hired companies that can show proof of their license since it is the only way to ensure that the people they send to your home have the training and skills to do the job.