What You Must Know About the SA Home Battery Scheme

Most Australians believe the common misconception that making the switch to solar power is overly expensive and that the average homeowner does not have the means to cover the cost for the purchase and installation of solar panels and the home storage battery. It is true that investing in a solar power system back in the day was almost impossible to attain because of the upfront cost. But things have changed. Today, governments and private sectors in Australia are taking the necessary steps to bring this sustainable alternative to fossil fuel to the masses.

One of the most exciting initiatives in Australia to date is SA home battery scheme. Just recently, the South Australian Marshall Government announced a project worth exactly $100 million. The purpose of the initiative is to help households purchase solar power solutions via direct subsidies as well as low-interest loans. The assistance provided by the government in this scheme focuses on the promotion of solar power systems and the use of batteries so that homeowners will start reducing their reliance on the conventional power grid. As a result, those who will avail of the scheme will find themselves using a sustainable source of power for their homes.

Why would you be interested in the SA home battery scheme? Well, the straightforward answer is that it gives you the best chance to finally avoid paying for overly expensive rates for electricity during peak hours. It is no secret that millions of Australians are forced to pay for pricey per kWh of power during the peak hours of usage, usually from 5 pm up to the evening. On the other hand, if you install solar panels in your home or private property and pair it with a reliable solar storage battery, you will end up collecting energy from an infinite source (sun) and then store it for later use, specifically during the peak hours of use. And this time, you no longer will pay for the high rates.

At this point, the cap on subsidies courtesy of the SA home battery scheme is $6,000 per battery, but most experts in the industry anticipate that it will be subject to a reduction over time. But then again, it should not discourage you from taking advantage of the South Australian government’s initiative, instead, spur you on to get on with the program. You should begin searching for a qualified and experienced provider who will install the home battery system. You need an ideal setup so that you will qualify for the subsidy. Keep in mind that the government wants you to work with providers who have some contribution to the economy of South Australia, so be wary of your choice of contractor. You must understand that not all companies out there have the eligibility to handle the job.