Types of Verandah

South Australian VerandahsOne of the perks of installing a verandah in your home is that you instantly have an attractive and welcoming outdoor feature that is both aesthetically valuable and functional. It is something worthy of investing in since you expect it to provide added value to your home for decades to come. But what makes it truly stand out compared to other structures you can install in your property is that the space inside South Australian verandahsis useful. Yes, there is no doubt how exciting the prospect of building one, but before you invest your hard-earned money in it, the first thing you must acknowledge is that there are various types to choose from, with each one equipped with the prospect of complementing your home’s current setup or exterior design.

Curved – A curbed verandah offers a modern take and gives your home a definite upgrade. It is unique from all the other types since it has clean and curved lines, forming a convex canopy in your outdoor living space. You can install a verandah in two ways: attached to your home or freestanding. You also have the freedom of combining it with other types of verandahs to come up with a somewhatsophisticated look of your outdoor space.

Flat–With its flat design, this verandah is the most convenient to build. Surprisingly, it also happens to be the most versatile since it fits any outdoor space, not to mention the fact that its minimalist concept means it quickly complements any existing outdoor décor or theme. The best thing about flat South Australian verandahsis that you can build them according to your preferred dimensions.

Pergola –The pergola is the third type of verandah, although some people will categorise it as a different structure. If you want something that offers a more open space compared to atraditional outdoor space, the pergola is your bet. It is unique in a way that it lets in light while still maintaining shade and protection against the weather. Like all verandahs, it offers a significant improvement to your home’s aesthetic value. Pergolas are the perfect outdoor structure for the summer season.


Gable –The gable type of verandah is unique in a way that it has a sloping roofline, which works by providing an apparent aesthetic change to your home’s existing roof line. Unlike most verandahs, it features a solid roof and designed with a sun-room effect. There are times when a gable verandah combines with a flat version to widen the area.

Gazebo – The last type, called the “gazebo,” offers one of the most attractive solutions for your outdoor space. It is a type of verandah that usually presents itself as a standalone structure. It comes with a unique vaulted roof with a wide range of base design options.