The Best of Spend Less Womens Shoes – Do You Own One?

Women, like their male counterpart, are obsessed with shoes. They pretty much treat it like jewelry. There are various types of women’s shoes out there, and SpendLess has nothing but the best collection. If you want to be in with the hottest footwear this year, then look for nothing more than Spend Less Womens Shoes. We ensure that you get the trendiest pair to wear with pride. Here are some of the best women’s shoes available at SpendLess:

KYRA by Wildfire

Slay it, girl! The Kyra espadrille wedge by wildfire is among the latest trends in women’s footwear. It has a thick platform that will shape and lengthen your legs. Kyra features a lace-up design that you can tie either high and tight, or low and lovely around your precious ankles. Whatever your preferences are, Kyra is both stylish and flattering — truly a must-have for any girl’s wardrobe.

EMMI by Wildfire

Wildfire seems to have the hippest collections of wedges that are getting nods in this year’s shoe taste. Emmi is one of their collections that’s genuinely standing out and gaining some attention. Another is the espadrille wedge, and it features an inlaid rope finish and thick platform that will bring out some eye-catching effects on your legs. With a stylish crossover strap feature, it goes smoothly around the toes and into the ankle. Emmi is a gorgeous-looking wedge shoe that every woman would want to have as an alternative to the Kyra.

LAYLA by Obsessed

If you want effortless footwear that still bursts with style and elegance, Layla by Obsessed is for you. This lovely-looking mule slide features a thick band across the toes and a bold black heel for some added comfort. Slides are always a yearly trend as they are both versatile. You can use them for work or weekend night outs. Layla is the comfort shoe that you need to have.

POINTER by Obsessed

Another product by obsessed, the Pointer is a suave mid-height block heel is perfect for the office. It’s a practical multi-purpose shoe that can complement well with anything you wear. With its slick look and pointed toe, the Pointer is just what you need to boost up your corporate shoe collection.

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