What Are The Uses Of A TENS Machine?

What is a Zoe Tech Australia TENS machine, and how does it work? TENS treatment has been around since the early 1960s and is now used as therapeutic pain relief for various medical conditions, from severe injury, sickness, or even labour pains. The earliest known use of a TENS machine was for back pain in bed-ridden patients or unable to move. Currently, the most commonly applied use of TENS machines is to relieve pregnant women suffering from back pain associated with pregnancy.

How does a Zoe Tech Australia TENS machine work? To activate the machine, you place your hand on the body area you would like to treat, usually on the leg or backside. Then a small “stimulator” sends short electrical pulses into the area. These signals stimulate the brain, transmitting these signals to the muscles to provide the desired sensation. So, for example, when you feel pain, the brain will send a message to the appropriate muscle groups to provide a painful sensation.


How do TENS machines provide this relief? When you first apply the stimulation, some of the pain may still be felt. But, as the continuous delivery of impulses strengthens the underlying nerves, the pain is eventually eliminated. It is because the neural pathways between the nerves become more powerful. It is similar to how a parent might hug their child to prevent crying.


Do TENS machine uses stimulate endorphin release? Endorphin is a natural pain relief drug produced in the pituitary gland. The release of endorphins is not instant, however, so it takes time for the effects. Using the device simulates the pain gating effect the body experiences naturally and enhances the endorphin release experience.


How much does TENS machine-pain relief cost? Generally, the device is not very expensive. Most medical professionals agree that it is most effective if the patient uses the device regularly. Some patients find that a monthly subscription to a pain relief service works best. However, since the actual device and the sessions are not costly, you may want to try out different models over time to determine the best one for you.


A Zoe Tech Australia TENS machine may be an ideal choice for you if you have chronic or acute pain. Applying electrical impulses to certain areas of your body can mimic the natural pain signals your brain receives. In turn, it can reduce or eliminate the chronic pain that plagues so many people today.