Signs Your Car Needs an Immediate Trip to the Service Centre

If you pride yourself at being a responsible car owner, then you should be able to figure out if something is wrong with it. Sadly though, more than half of Australians who own a car are clueless about even the most visible signs of trouble. The thing with cars, regardless of the make and model, is that they all are mechanical, which means something will eventually give in considering there are many moving parts.

While some issues with your vehicle are tolerable, there are those signs that require you to visit a BMW service Adelaide as soon as possible. If you do not respond to these issues right away, it could lead to imminent failure of your vehicle, expensive repairs, or even an accident.

1 – The check engine light flashes.

One of the signs telling you that something is wrong with your car is when the check engine light flashes. A normal illuminated light means you do not have to panic. It tells you that you must have your engine checked soon. However, if the same light is flashing, there could be an emissions system issue, which in turn could damage the catalytic converter on your car.

2 – There is smoke from under the hood.

Another sign suggesting the need to visit a car repair service right away is when there is smoke coming from under the hood. Keep in mind that any vehicle should never emit smoke from the hood, so when your car does, it usually means that it is overheating. You cannot start or drive your vehicle once smoke comes out because it certainly will result in severe engine damage. The only solution is to pull over, wait for the engine to cool, and then call for help. For the most part, you cannot perform a do-it-yourself approach to this problem. You should have the car towed and sent to a reputable BMW service Adelaide.

3 – The exhaust emits excess smoke.

A car emitting thicker than usual white smoke during the winter is something you shouldn’t worry, especially at first start since it is a reaction of the water vapour interacting with the exhaust system. It will disappear when the engine starts warming up. However, if you have been driving for minutes and there still is excess smoke, it usually means that there is an oil leak. If you notice black residue from the bumper area – even more reason to bring the vehicle to a repair shop for immediate service.

Paying close attention to your car and learning to spot what’s wrong with it is a responsibility you should embrace with commitment and dedication. Keep in mind that even brand-new vehicles could show signs of the need for immediate repair service if the owner is negligent and ignorant of how his vehicle works.