Why You Should Start Recycling Bottles

Recycling is a term you hear almost every day. It is one of those ideas that you are contemplating embracing, but at the same time, you do not feel the need to do so. Most of us do not acknowledge the urgency because while Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel consistently talk about how most of the stuff, we use is destroying the planet, we don’t feel the effect just yet. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about what the future holds for your kids and grandkids, then you should start taking the concept of recycling seriously.

If you are confused regarding how you should start recycling, how about plastic bottles? There is no denying that we unscrupulously use plastic bottles and throw them out without regard as to where they end up. Plastic bottles are everywhere, and when you no longer have a use for them, they end up in landfills and oceans, thereby causing pollution and killing the planet in unprecedented speed. While you look at them as harmless, the truth is they create much trouble in nature.

However, if you begin embracing the idea of bottle recycling Adelaide, you will contribute to the following:

1 – Reduction of Landfill Waste

The primary purpose of recycling is to prevent congesting landfills with plastic bottles as well as other non-biodegradable materials. You should be aware that it takes at least a century for plastic to break down, which means that if you ignore or undermine the value of recycling and just throw them all away, then you are making it impossible for the planet to keep up in breaking down the plastic bottles that continue to pile up in the millions.

2 – Reusing Plastic Bottles for Practical Purposes

Through bottle recycling Adelaide, you must realise that the process does not exclusively correspond to making more plastic bottles. The material may be repurposed to manufacturing products like clothing and carpets. It is possible because of the synthetic fibres in the plastic material. Therefore, recycling the plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the trash allows you to contribute to creating products like backpacks, key chains, beanbag chairs, artwork, rugs, sleeping bags, coats, pet beds, jackets, shoes, and many others.

3 – Saving Ocean Life

Most people do not care about the plastic bottles they throw in the trash. However, if you dig deep, the same plastics are wreaking havoc to the world’s oceans. For instance, when plastic bottles get thrown to the sea, there is a possibility that turtles and small fish get tangled to them, eventually injuring or killing them. Big fish and mammals like sharks, dolphins, and whales end up ingesting plastic, thereby killing or poisoning them.

So, if you have a decent mind and a concerned heart, those three reasons above should be enough for you to take recycling bottles seriously.