4 Things to Look for in a Professional Carpet Cleaning SA Service

Over the years, we’ve received numerous phone calls from anonymous people around South Australia expressing their disappointment on several carpet cleaning companies that didn’t produce the results that they promised. It’s always a frustrating thing to hear that local carpet cleaners are taking the money from their customers and exchanging it with mediocre results. If you’re tired of receiving bad results from your local carpet cleaning SA, it’s time you learn how to look for the best of the best. While there may be bad carpet cleaning companies in the region, there are also ones that are reliable and trustworthy. We’re here to give you tips on the things you should be looking for in a professional carpet cleaning company:


Look for their Credentials

Does your prospective carpet cleaning service firm feature professionally trained cleaners? Do they have a certificate from the NCCA or IICRC that they can show you? It’s a factor that many people overlook, but it’s essential to know that knowing the credentials of a professional service that you’re about to hire is crucial. Don’t feel embarrassed about it. Exercise your rights by knowing if the carpet cleaning company you’re going to hire is the real deal. If they fail to show you anything, disregard them from your list and move on.


Determine if they Have Insurance

Is the professional carpet cleaning SA company insured? If you don’t know, make sure you ask them. It’s important to know if they are protected or not, as well as knowing if they have Treatment Risk as part of their coverage. If not, then they’re not covered to do service with you, and you should look elsewhere for a legitimate carpet cleaner.


Check for Testimonials and Reviews

Another essential factor when looking for a professional carpet cleaner is looking through testimonials and reviews. You can look through sites like Yelp, the Yellow Pages and even Google reviews for the most genuine remarks on the company that you’re going to hire. Disregard the testimonials on their website as they more than likely fabricate it.


Determine the Equipment that They Use

A professional carpet cleaning service company requires professional carpet cleaning equipment to make their job faster and more efficient. Check their website for pictures, images, or any proof of using industrial-grade machinery. Keep in mind that a lightweight, portable machine isn’t going to be enough for a thorough finish.


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