3 Things You Should Know Before Going to a Chiropractor Adelaide

Before going to an AdelaideChiropractor.com.au chiropractor Adelaide, there are several things you need to know. Here are three of them that you should consider making sure your visit to the chiropractic clinic will be worth it.



What Happens During the Initial Consultation and Exam?

The moment you enter the chiropractic office, you will fill out documents providing your essential details. It includes your general information, current condition, as well as the reason for the visit. After you finish filling out the paperwork, a detailed medical history will be taken with you from the chiropractor. The details that they will get will be in line with the nature of your problem. Other information that will be included in your everyday activities, jobs, and recreational activities that you do. Afterwards, you will get a comprehensive full body and spinal exam, orthopedic tests, neurological tests, postural exam, and active ranges of motion. All of these exams will gather all of the pertinent details relating to your condition. An x-ray will also be a possibility, depending on the situation and circumstance of your health. A digital x-ray machine will be up and running in case the chiropractor will need a more in-depth look at the area of complaint.


What’s the Chiropractor Looking for and What is an ‘Adjustment’?

The AdelaideChiropractor.com.au chiropractor Adelaide is looking for any dysfunction in certain areas of your spine and body. These are more than likely causing some interference with your nerves; thus, the pain, numbness, or tingling you are feeling. This type of dysfunction is referred to as a ‘subluxation’ of the bones in your spine. They are currently stuck in an awkward position, causing additional pressure or stress on the connection of the bones, ligaments, and muscles. The added stress and pressure create more tension that is then put on the spinal area, where all of the nerves and blood vessels exit. All of this will contribute to the pain that you feel.



Is it Possible to Get an Adjustment on the Very First Visit?

It will depend on the assessment of the chiropractor. Getting an adjustment on the first visit will only happen if the chiropractor proves that your condition requires immediate response and treatment. During the initial exam, you will undergo postural assessments, neurological and orthopedic tests, ranges of motion, and muscle tests. These exams will determine if you’ll need an immediate adjustment or not.


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