The Pros and Cons of Switching to an Electric Longboard Australia

Electric skateboards, also known as electric longboards, are an innovative take on the classic skateboard craze. We all love them and how they can make our lives easier whenever we stop on the board and it could be the best thing that ever happens to the skateboarding community. However, we also need to acknowledge that an electric longboard Australia does have its share of flaws. If you’re planning to make a switch, we want you to know everything about the electric skateboard – both the good and the bad. That’s why we compiled together some of the pros and cons of an electric skateboard.


The Pros


Easy for Beginners

Whether you’re a veteran or just a beginner, an electric skateboard will prove to be a middle ground that everyone can enjoy. Unlike the traditional skateboard, the motorized version is particularly “newbie-friendly.” That means it’s easy for beginners to learn and familiarize. Unlike the conventional push method, electric skateboards have controllers which you can use to adjust the speed of the board. That means you won’t have to exert much effort. The only thing you’ll need to focus on is your balance and stance. If your someone who’s used a traditional skateboard before, transitioning to electric skateboard will make you not want to come back again.


Control the Board Using Your Hands

The main highlight of an electric longboard Australia is its wireless control. It’s the primary function that controls the entire board and makes it move. It’s also where all of the functionalities on your electric skateboard are found. From acceleration to speed, you can control all of that using the simple, and easy to use the user interface of the controller. It’s also the reason why you’re no longer going to exert any force when using your skateboard. With an electric board, it’s all about improving your stance, balance and getting used to the handheld controls.


The Cons


It’s Heavy

The first notable flaw about the electric skateboard is its weight. Unlike the lightness of the skateboard that we came accustomed to, an electric skateboard is on the heavier side due to the motor. Other features like the batteries, battery pack, and brake pads are also contributing factors towards the board’s heaviness. It also indicates that performing stunts on an electric skateboard will be difficult since you’ll have to factor in the weight of the board itself.



Finally, the electric skateboard has a capacity that’s limited to its power, riding speed and battery charge. So, while almost anyone can use a traditional skateboard, it’s not the same story for electric longboard Australia. What we mean is if you’re a bit on the bulky side, electric skateboards are not for you.