What to Know about Custom Foot Orthotics

The lower pain is best treated when we know the cause of the pain. The lower back pain can be as a result of many sources. Back pain can be caused by minor muscle strain from a routine morning jog, undetected spinal cancer or a twisted due to poor foot biometrics; of course, the pain intensity will vary with the cause that produces the pain.

One of the causes of low back problems which go undetected for a while is an unhealthy foot and arch alignment due to lack of foot orthotics Adelaide. This issue is essential because if the knees, legs and the feet go unchecked, the cause of the lower back pain will be missed. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the prescribed treatment will not be sufficient. The problem will then become persistent and alter chronic.

To understand the correlation between lower back pain and an unhealthy foot posture, one should explore and analyse the anatomy of the lower body and their connections. The feet are the supporting pillar of the skeletal structure. They play a crucial role in the body’s mobility, stability, balance, and functionality as we stand, jog or walk. It is not uncommon to adopt an unhealthy body structure due to flatfoot. The foot arch acts as a shock absorber, and the structure of the foot is guidance for the weight bearing skeletal joints such as hips, knees, ankles, and spine.

Pronation can be defined as an inward rotation of the foot and its secondary flat arches. When the foot is over-pronated, they often put the entire body out of balance. The foot arch that is flat forces the foot to rotate inwards, pronation. The excessive tilting of the foot will cause misalignment of the ankles, knees and hips and the spine. This rotation created imbalance, tensions, and compressions into the muscles, tendons, ligaments and weight-bearing joints. The best method to correct a pronated foot is by use of foot orthotics.

The tensions cause muscle strain and ligament sprain that then leads to pain and soreness. As this condition advances and goes undetected the person will start to develop odd soreness and pain on lower body such as knees, shins or feet. The outcome would increase spinal pressure and continuous in the lower back and muscles causing pain and discomfort in this areas of the body.

This where the custom foot orthotics Adelaide come into play. Custom orthotics are therapeutics devices that are used to correct over-pronated feet and flat arch. Foot orthotics have many advantages, and they can adjust many faults in foot postures. Orthotics correct the foot posture by offering necessary support to keep the curvature of the foot at the right height holding the lower body in the best possible form and position. The orthotics come in all shapes and sizes, and so they can fit children and adults to offer a solution to everyone.