Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Home Gutter Guards Adelaide

One factor that you and your builder might be discussing is whether you’d want to add gutter guards to your gutter system. This tool can fit on top of your roof gutters and can block away from any debris from clogging and damaging your gutters. The gutter guard Adelaide has been marketed over the last seven years as an adequate cover for your gutters. However, before you add the installation of gutter guards into your list of new-home upgrade options, we’d like you to stop look and listen. There may be some scenarios when not having a gutter guard will seem like a more practice option. Let’s discuss further.


Your Home May Not Require Any Gutter Protection


Many new and modern houses are built in the suburbs that were once corn or rice fields. That means you’ll rarely find a mature tree within a quarter-mile or more. If the edges of your roof are more than 100 feet away from any large trees, you won’t need gutter guards since there won’t be any roof debris to worry about.

However, keep in mind that while your area may not feature trees that are close to your roof, there are still factors in which debris can even get into your gutters. Swirling winds, for instance, can carry tree leaves for a long distance and drop the trash onto your roof. Wind and rainfall can transport the garbage into your gutters and create clogs. So if your area features strong winds regularly, adding a gutter guard Adelaide may be the best option for you.


Choosing a Gutter Guard


Rainwater that’s pouring from your roof can cause soil erosion, roof leaks, and significant basement damage. Let’s consider your home to be qualified for a gutter guard installation. Should you buy them based on their no-maintenance claims? The answer is a resounding no. We’ve made tests on a number of styles and brands of gutter guards. All have failed – miserably.


Will You need Gutter Maintenance?


Gutter guards will save you some labour. However, they don’t eliminate the requirement of having to clean and maintain your gutters. What they do is try to prevent any clogs and potential damages. However, you will still need to maintain your gutters at least twice a year. But by no means will they eliminate having to maintain your gutters.


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