Types of Gutter Guard Systems

Gutters are a must have in any home. They help drain away rainwater. By removing rain right away, you will protect both the roof and the sides of the building. With a proper guttering system, you will keep off water damages. Once you have a guttering system in place, the next thing you should of is gutter protection. Any water stagnation on the roof or gutters will cause not only roof damages but is also a health hazard since numerous bacteria and parasites can thrive under such conditions. Also, leaves and other types of debris are often responsible for clogging gutters and reducing their effectiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to install Gutter Mesh – DIY Gutter Guard Kits Online that prevents debris from clogging the gutter.



A properly functioning gutter system will quickly drain all the water from the roof and protect your walls and roof. The gutter guard will not only prevent gutter clogging but will as well save you time and money in that you need not clean or hire gutter cleaning services. It is a must have roof fixture, and so you need to know a few things before installing gutter guards. First, there are different types of gutter guards suitable for different roofing and gutter designs. The most common types include.


The first one is leaf screens or mesh. This type of gutter mesh is comprised of a metal that consists of a thin mesh, which only allows water to drain through the gutter. Essentially the gutter mesh acts as a strainer or sieve that prevents debris and leaves from flowing into the gutter. As such, water can drain seamlessly through the gutter and out through the downspout.


Another type is the snap-in Gutter guards. These are rigid vinyl gutter guards and are usually made of solid PVC. They are very good at blocking debris from entering the gutter. However, when installing this type of gutter guard, it is recommended that you use tools or fasteners to connect it. The other common type of gutter guard is the solid cover with side slots, which works using the principle of water adhesion. Unlike the gutter mesh which filters debris from the top, this type of gutter guard is fitted with slots or small holes along the vertical side. The slots are strategically placed to prevent any clogging.


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