Top Instagram Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2020 – Click this Website

The only constant in this world is “change.” While we’ve heard that cliché repeatedly, we can’t help but ponder on it now that we’re in a new year. When it comes to change, the digital marketing world comes to mind right away. Social media, in particular, is always changing and evolving. Whether it’s social media demographics, new algorithm updates, the latest trends, and even memes. To help you and all the other digital marketers out there, this website will introduce some critical Instagram marketing trends that are expected to rock 2020 and in the near future.


IGTV will Take Centre Stage


When Instagram TV, more commonly known by its abbreviation “IGTV,” first launched in 2018, it wasn’t entirely clear as to how it was performing or what it would bring to Instagram marketers and their marketing strategies. However, after a few tweaks and updates to the platform itself, Instagram’s IGTV is still alive and well. What’s more is that it will likely continue to rise in importance, especially in 2020. With new options and benefits added to Instagram’s latest feature, there’s no doubt that later on, it will affect marketing on the platform as well. Learn more about it here.


Instagram Stories Will Remain Relevant


Instagram Stories aren’t going away anytime soon. Since its inception in 2016, Instagram Stories have been multiplying, reaching around 500 million daily active users by early 2019. What’s more, is that it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg and his team are only making it easier to share your stories with more and more people. Now, it adds the option to share all of your Instagram Stories to Facebook as well – automatically. That means you can tap into both of these social media marketing juggernauts and come up with more ways to integrate them together. Check out this website to learn more about it.


Generate Profit via Instagram Shopping


Instagram has already incorporated more than enough shopping features that the platform can almost become an entirely new profit-stream for your e-commerce business. Just think about it – when over 140 million active users are tapping to view Instagram shopping tags on photos each month, this strategy is definitely something you want to use and be a part of.


If you want to find out more about what Instagram marketing has in store for you in 2020, sign up and join our upcoming webinar now! We’re going to discuss the state of digital marketing, as well as some trends and features that will shake the digital space this year and beyond. Visit this website to learn more.