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As of the moment, around 70 per cent of Aussie adults are dealing with a variety of gum diseases. The high percentage makes it the most common condition here in the Land Down Under. Unfortunately, despite it being common, only a meagre 45 per cent are aware that they have it. The worst part is that only 10 per cent of adults who are suffering from mild to severe gum disease are getting treatment. If left untreated, minor gum disease can lead to severe complications like bleeding, bone loss, tooth loss, and receding gums. Fortunately, there’s an excellent option for patients that don’t prefer the conventional scalpel surgery. The LANAP surgery is ideal for people who want a different method for gum treatment that’s available in a variety of price ranges. Continue reading and get to know more about the Dental-Excellence.com.au LANAP surgery near me.


Also known as the LANAP protocol, this method uses a minimally invasive laser treatment for treating gum disease. The LANAP treatment is a well-known treatment that’s clinically proven to heal and regenerate both soft tissues and bone in your gums. If you want to know more, here are the top three frequently asked questions about this innovative gum-treating method:


What exactly is LANAP?

We feel like things may be going a little bit too fast for you to cope up. Don’t worry – we’re going to explain LANAP to you detail-by-detail. The LANAP protocol is known as one of the most effective methods for treating different kinds of gum disease. It uses a specific type of laser known as the ‘PerioLase MVP-7.’ Since it’s a non-invasive process, LANAP is known as the only dental procedure to receive the prestigious FDA clearance for ‘True Regeneration.’ That means the LANAP protocol is capable of re-growing critical parts of your gums, particularly the following:


  • Cementum
  • Alveolar bone
  • Periodontal ligaments


These three components are essential to ensure full oral functioning. The LANAP treatment has been used by different dental communities for quite some time now. It’s time for you to give it a try and see just how effective it is for you.


What Benefits Can I Get from the LANAP Protocol?

Here’s a short list of benefits that you can achieve through Dental-Excellence.com.au LANAP surgery near me:


  • Little to no pain after the operation
  • Faster recovery time
  • Achieve healthy-looking gums with a minimally invasive procedure
  • Effective regeneration without the need for any foreign materials


You can check out this link for a more thorough and detailed explanation on each of these advantages. So as you can see, Dental-Excellence.com.au LANAP surgery near me is one of the best procedures for all of your gum problems. Click here now to learn more about it.