Melissa Aneli, author of Harry, a History (Harry, a History) and web mistress the TLC revealed, in an interview she had with the author JK Rowling, that Hogwarts Relics could have been THE title of the last book in the saga.

Apparently they invented several false companies, such as Seabottom, that published different titles as officers to confuse the public just before exposing the real one.

Several sources reported in 2006 that the title Harry Potter and the Hallows of Hogwarts [Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Relics] had been patented by the company Seabottom.

The new and small work of JK Rowling, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, came to sell a total of 367,625 copies in the first three days of its publication that was on December 4 and many already confirm that it will be a Christmas number one.


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