Benefits of Using a Salary Sacrifice Novated Lease Calculator

If there’s any car plan that can get you the car you want without having to pay much of your salary, it has to be a novated lease. It’s a convenient and flexible leasing programme that provides loaners with a plethora of payment options. Either you can pay it head on, or let your employer pay it for you via pre-tax salary deduction. If you choose the latter, you can get a much lower annual tax return because you used your pre-taxed salary to compensate for your novated lease.



By using a salary sacrifice novated lease calculator, you can also calculate the total cost of your contract. We offer the best-novated lease calculator. Apply now, and we’ll figure your novated lease for you. In the meantime, here are some of the benefits of calculating your taxes and your novated lease:


Choose the Car that You Truly Prefer

Most of the time, people who don’t calculate their total car loan via a novated lease calculator will end up out of the budget to acquire their dream car. Instead, they’ll settle for an alternate model. If purchasing your dream car was the reason why you took a novated lease in the first place, then it will all be put to waste just because you were too stubborn to use a novated lease calculator and calculate your loan.


The Right Price According to Your Budget

A novated lease calculator will provide you with the right price to pay for your new ride. Calculating our monthly novated lease bills will provide you with a lesser income tax via pre-salary deductions. A salary sacrifice novated lease calculator will put you in a much better position when paying for your novated lease. You’ll know how much you owe and be able to prepare for it ahead of time.


Save Money on Your Leasing

A novated lease also features promos and timely discounts that are available anytime. What this means is you can potentially get a significant discount on your novated lease. If you make the right decisions, you’ll get a lot of perks out of your novated lease. But before you can enjoy these discounts, you should use a novated lease calculator to determine your total expenditures. That way, you will enjoy the discounts that you can get for your novated lease.



Take Advantage of a Novated Lease Calculator

While a novated lease is the best car loan that you can get, it won’t matter much if you don’t calculate your total payment. So try our salary sacrifice novated lease calculator now and determine how much you’ll be spending per month on your novated lease.