A Few Different Types of Socks You May Need to Choose From

It can be difficult to choose what socks to wear for any given occasion. ORTC Clothing socks for running are especially difficult because of the sheer variety of styles, designs, and materials used in their manufacture. The question then becomes, which material is right for you? Which sock is best for what job? Here’s a breakdown of different sock materials to help you decide:


The shortest of all the sock varieties, shorties are great for runners and casual wear. Typically made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, compression socks are worn by runners, while dressy occasions are typically worn with micro- Crew socks or shorties. Shorty socks usually only peek out from the end of your shoes, thus protecting your delicate feet from impact. Micro- Crew socks and mini-crew socks are similar, except they have a tiny heel and lace up the front rather than a full sole. These compression socks are sometimes referred to as “training socks,” They are designed for optimal training and racing results but are frequently worn for casual comfort and comfort and fashion. They are not designed for long-term wear.


Originally a brand name manufactured for parkas and protective gear, Terry socks are designed to provide superior comfort and moisture management for an extended period. The ORTC Clothing socks are usually lined with Merino wool to keep warm and dry, yet care is taken to ensure the sock stays away from irritation and does not rub against the skin. In addition, the inner sock is made of nylon to provide optimum breathability and moisture control. Terry socks can be worn as casual and dressy socks for just about any occasion; however, most people prefer to wear them for work because they are extremely comfortable and help prevent blisters and cramps during the workday. In addition, women provide added warmth and cushioning and are great to wear on a date or too casual get-togethers. Like all women’s socks, Terry socks are usually seamless and slip-on perfectly.

Crew Socks

Like the Terry, crew socks are designed to be worn and removed quickly. In addition, the crew sock is one of the few different types of socks that can be worn both as a dressy sock and as a casual athletic sock. Originally, crew socks were only worn by Navy personnel to provide extra warmth on long missions. However, in both the male and female forms of this type of sock, the toe area is cut higher and includes both the heel and the toes. These specialty socks are available in a wide range of colours and styles so that they can be worn with just about any outfit.

Ankle Socks

Children originally wore these specialty socks as they did their homework or practised their swimming lessons. Ankle socks were later adopted into everyday wear as an alternative to stockings and hosiery. There are several different sock types made for the feet, including nylon, cotton, and Lycra. These ORTC Clothing socks are made so that they are easy to launder and also because they have several main features that make them different from your standard socks.

Athletic Socks

For athletes, a pair of athletic socks may be considered a must. These ORTC Clothing socks are specially designed to absorb and wick moisture away from the skin. Sports pairs will typically include elastic material and have ribbed areas to help wick away moisture while preventing chafing. Additionally, athletic socks may come in various fabrics and have several different types of closures, including lace-up, drawstring, and hook and loop closures.