Different Ways to Buy Stockinette Bags

Compared to the manner of wrapping and packaging meat products in the past, the methods of today are vastly different. In fact, there’s an ongoing trend wherein meatpacking factories and suppliers will provide the food to consumers for consumption. That means without the presence of an intermediary; it’s now possible for consumers and the people that handle their food to do business and communicate freely. Expect to see food like ham and meat wrapped in smart and secure packaging if you head straight to a wet market or grocery store. Its primary purpose is to preserve the quality of the food while transporting and moving them from the plant to its final destination.


The Emergence of the Stockinette Bag

While it’s an effective method, nothing is more reliable than using stockinette bags when it comes to processing and packaging different varieties of meat. You can check over here for the best quality stockinette bags available in the market Due to its incredible durability, resilience, and reliability, meat-packaging companies love to use it. However, you need to know that not all stockinette bags available have the same qualities and features. That’s why you need to be extra careful when choosing the supplier of your bags, especially if you’re in the meat processing and packaging industry.


Choosing the Best Stockinette Bags

When choosing the best stockinette bags, you have two choices for materials: mutton cloth and cotton. Check over here to learn more about what qualities each material possesses even if you already have a choice in mind. That way, you will learn which one is the best for your business.


Mutton Cloth Stockinette Bags

For wrapping meat carcasses, particularly the huge ones, stockinette bags made from mutton cloth are the best option. When it comes to wrapping and storing fish and other seafood, the mutton cloth is also the preferred option. It is the go-to choice in the fishing industry to keep all the fish fresh while being transported or moved. You will have the luxury of choosing from different sizes if you decide mutton cloth. However, your purchase will depend on the size of the product that you plan to pack.


Cotton Stockinette Bags

You’re lucky if you’re looking to use stockinette bags that are made from cotton. Why may you ask? It’s because multiple suppliers are present here in Australia. It’s a type of meat bag that’s made from 100% pure cotton yarn. It’s particularly useful in packaging meat products that emphasize safety and food hygiene.


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