Types of Retaining Walls

There are three main types of retaining walls Sydney. The first is the concrete wall, which is the most expensive. These walls are put in to hold back soil that has been ground off from an old road or other area that has been paved over. The soil tends to be compacted and can damage a retaining wall if it settles.

Types of retaining walls SydneyThis type of wall is made from cement and will require a regular concrete slab to cover, although some models may use a brick base. If a slab is used, the wall will need to be backfilled with grout. Even then, a mortar gun will have to be used to fill the gaps between the bricks of the slab.

The second type of wall is a steel wall. These walls are probably the least used of the three and are used mainly as a decorative element. They are lightweight and do not need grouting or a slab.

Steel walls can be used in many different styles, so there is no one general design. Steel structures may consist of walls of terracotta, tiles, or concrete. Since they are more decorative than a concrete wall, they cost less to build and are typically put in to hold land or for aesthetic purposes.

The third and last type of wall is an old concrete floor that has been pummeled by the elements. Cement floors are easier to work with than stone and are more flexible than granite. They can be easily sanded and refinished, although the constant contact with water is a drawback.

To properly build a retaining wall, all three types of walls must be considered. Having all three types in mind when building the wall is essential to a successful installation. Just because it costs less to build a concrete wall, it does not mean it will look any better.

Choose a contractor who has experience with the project. It is very common for a contractor to have years of experience with installing different types of retaining walls Sydney. Having a contractor who has built walls in the past is ideal, as well as having a contractor who has worked with concrete.

Another important factor is to check the contractor’s credentials before hiring them. Check with your city or county for licensing requirements before hiring someone to do the job. Also, ask how much the work will cost before making the final decision. For more information on the different types of retaining walls Sydney, click here.