Understanding Varicose Veins and Figuring Out Why You Have It

When your veins become dilated, enlarged and overfilled with blood, varicose veins, or also known as varicose or varicosities occur. Most of the time, varicose veins appear swollen and raised and comes in a blush-purple or red colour. But the saddest part is the fact that it is often painful.


Women are most affected by this condition than men. Research shows that about 30% of all adults have varicose veins. The worst is it tends to appear on the lower legs, which look very unsightly.


When veins aren’t functioning correctly, varicose veins occur. Take note that our veins only have a one-way valve that stops the blood from flowing backward. However, blood begins to collect in the veins instead of continuing toward your heart when these valves fail. If this happens, the veins will eventually enlarge. Varicose veins tend to significantly affect the legs since it is the farthest part of your heart. The gravity gives the blood troubles in flowing upwards.


Pregnancy, standing over extended periods, family history or genetics, obesity, old age, and menopause are some of the potential causes for varicose veins.


If you are unfamiliar with this problem, you must know the symptoms of varicose veins.


Highly visible, twisted veins that are usually seen on your legs are the primary symptoms of varicose veins. Over or around the enlarged veins, you may also experience some pain, swelling, and heaviness. Not only that but in some cases, you can even develop swelling and discolouration. Plus, if the veins happen to bleed significantly, ulcers may form.


Moreover, proper diagnosis is essential. It is to determine the ideal Varicose Vein Treatment & Clinic Adelaide option for you. While you are sitting or standing, your doctor will likely examine your legs and visible veins. The pains or symptoms you are having are some things that your doctors may ask as well.


In ensuring that another disorder like a blood clot or a blockage isn’t causing the pain and swelling in your legs, doctors will use Varicose Vein Treatment & Clinic Adelaide strategies like ultrasounds or venograms.


Over time, varicose veins tend to get worse. It is especially true even if you create the necessary lifestyle changes to both control and manage your pain. Although it may be unsightly, it usually doesn’t cause any long-term medical problems.


If you keep your varicose veins untreated, you will face further problems like ulcers, sores on your legs, blood clots, or chronic inflammation. All these can affect your work and daily life. So if you happen to develop any of these symptoms, be sure to see your doctor immediately. Don’t wait until it gets too late. Make sure to take an immediate solution to it.